I won an award. Then I made an exceedingly strange video. [...]


I never went to piano lessons as a kid. It wasn’t like I was skipping out on a planned activity or anything — my parents didn’ [...]

Only as secure as you make it

I get why corporations love control. I do, really. The idea that some mere employee, someone whose livelihood depends upon your beneficience [...]

Dave Eggers’ “The Circle” — on tech, big data and the human component

Dave Eggers and I haven’t gotten along in a while. I first read A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius when I was 14. I was impres [...]

Automation is supposed to help, not hinder

It’s all Henry Ford’s fault. While it’s almost certainly true that if he hadn’t innovated the production line and interchangeable pa [...]

The solution for newspapers is not being a newspaper?

There’s a trend among newspaper folks, which probably harkens back to the most famous journalistic maxim of all — “If your mother [...]

Robots need humans, too

If you’ve ever dug deep into the system properties on a Windows computer, you’ll noticed that things like mice, keyboards, game [...]

HTML : Journalism :: Microsoft Word : Journalism

Rarely is the question asked, “Is our children tweeting?” This question is likely nonexistent in journalism schools, which curre [...]

Death by irony

Consider yourself fortunate if you managed to miss the New York Times’ latest assault on irony from last month, which didn’t s [...]
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